Our Team

Maretes - CEO/President

Maretes, the CEO and President of COR Improvements, was inspired to start her own company during a conversation with a patron at the bar where she worked part-time. Discovering Maretes' passion for finish carpentry and specialized painting, the patron, who was a business owner herself, urged Maretes to start her own company in 2007. This encounter sparked the creation of COR Improvements. With a background in building theatre sets and working on various construction jobs, Maretes transitioned into the remodeling field with guidance from her mentor, Kevin. She enjoys the problem-solving aspect of her job, collaborating with trade partners and clients to find creative solutions to onsite challenges. In her free time, Maretes loves playing pickleball, golfing, traveling, cooking, and gardening. She also enjoys ballroom dancing and riding motorcycles.

Kim - Chief Financial Officer

Kim is the Chief Financial Officer of COR Improvements, inspired to join the company by her wife's passion for improving the remodeling industry and delivering exceptional customer service. Being able to work alongside her partner is a cherished aspect of her role. She also values the opportunity to make the remodeling process as smooth as possible for clients. When not working, she enjoys playing pickleball, golfing, attending fan conventions, and catching up on the latest movies and TV shows. She also finds joy in playing the guitar.

Jim - Sales and Design Director

Jim, the Sales Director and Project Manager at COR Improvements, was inspired to join the team to help homeowners achieve quality design and craftsmanship without paying boutique prices. The best part of his job is sitting with homeowners, finding solutions to their needs, and witnessing their gratitude and joy upon project completion. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his family and enjoying the outdoors, especially golfing. Jim is also known for his unique talent of singing "Happy Birthday" as Carol Channing. With over 30 years in residential remodeling, a degree from the UW-Milwaukee School of Architecture, and experience running his own architectural firm for 17 years, Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team.

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