Attic Remodel

Here in the Milwaukee area, there are a lot of homes with unfinished and unused attic space. Although an attic remodel is not on the high end when it comes to return on investment (the National Association of Realtors estimates a 53% rate of return), it can be a smart, effective solution if you need more space, but don’t want to move.

Similar to basements, attics often make great bedroom suites, home offices, media rooms, kids’ spaces, and man or woman-caves. But, there’s one feature that you won’t always find in the basement: light. They often provide an opportunity to build in a skylight or dormer (see bottom right graphic), allowing natural light in to create an enjoyable, livable space.

Such a project can be complicated (think adding a new staircase where there wasn’t one before). These design issues often require the expertise of an architect. We have a number of architectural partners who are skilled at coordinating the design with your budget, and who provide timely work throughout the process.

We’ll work with an architect to create a plan that uses existing plumbing efficiently for the new bathroom. Whether it’s a half-bath for the kids, or a luxury bathroom off of the new master suite, we can find a great solution for your attic.

An attic remodel may do wonders for your home’s energy efficiency, too! By adding insulation, you’ll keep not only the attic, but also the rest of the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Ventilation may also impact the air temperature throughout the year.

You may wonder if this is the type of project you can do yourself. Well, we always recommend working with a general contractor like COR Improvements for your own sanity! We will not only help you work with an architect to get plans drawn and choose finishes and fixtures, but will communicate with sub-contractors and inspectors on your behalf. If you’re looking for the project to be completed on time and under budget, you’ll be glad you have a general contractor in your corner to advocate for you. We pride ourselves on our high level of communication throughout the renovation process. One of our top priorities is to build a trusting relationship with our customers.

After the first year, we’ll come back at no charge to you to see how you’ve been using your space, and make recommendations for maintenance to help you keep the renovation looking and feeling new longer. (Complete terms of warranty will be reviewed with you prior to contracting).

If have an unfinished attic in Milwaukee or around southeastern Wisconsin, fill out our Request a Quote Form to let us know more about your project. We’ll give you a call within one business day, and together we’ll discover if working together makes sense.

Interested in an Attic Remodel?

  • Many homeowners ask us about adding a bathroom to their attic space. It’s absolutely possible, and can make a huge difference for a growing family!
  • We offer a 2-year warranty (the state of Wisconsin only requires 1-year), as well as a 1-year assessment.
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