About COR Improvements

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Our Vision Statement

Building a new era of development, growth, and productivity in the construction industry for future generations.

Our Mission Statement

We exist to create outstanding relationships where ingenuity and collaboration come together. By implementing a culture that supports exceptional service, we are committed to bettering our industry with superior communication between our customers, team members and community while inspiring others to do the same.

Our Backstory - Woman-Owned, Customer Focused

COR Improvements is a woman-owned, minority-owned, general contracting business specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, while offering a variety of other quality construction services in and around Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin.

Owner Maretes Hein founded the company in 2007 under the name My Girl Tuesday, offering smaller, handy-person type services. But as the team’s expertise and reputation grew, Maretes knew they were destined for more.

In 2010, she changed the name to COR Improvements to better represent the company’s growing scope of construction, design and renovation services.

As a fully licensed and insured company, COR employs knowledgeable and trustworthy individuals. When choosing COR Improvements, you are choosing quality and timely service. We are a committed team of professionals who are dedicated to making our customers’ lives easier.

Our Philosophy - Creating Outstanding Relationships - COR

It’s our mantra and our namesake. It’s at the center of our being and our reason for doing the work we do. It’s our COR. From client engagements to subcontractor trust, we are not simply a remodeling company. We are a relationship company. And, an outstanding one at that!

You see, at COR Improvements, we do not strive to be the largest general contractor in Milwaukee. We don’t tackle every home remodel that comes our way. And, we don’t hire just any subcontractor that’s out there. Because we know there is a fine balance between quantity and quality…and we know that relationships are certainly about the latter.

We also realize relationships aren’t just a one-time thing. That’s the beauty of our work. Project after project, referral after referral, and an invite back for dinner after the kitchen is done, we enjoy long-term relationships with our customers. How do we achieve this end result? By bringing you:

Detailed Estimates & Proposals

The best end result starts at the beginning of the process. By employing a thorough “getting to know you” process, we explore your home, your lifestyle, your budget, and your design needs. Detailed proposals and plans help ensure you understand what to expect at each step of the process, as well as the materials, specifications, allowances, and pricing for each element of your project. Our open book philosophy helps create trust, while our open mind philosophy serves as an inspiration for great projects and even greater relationships!

Collaborative Design Relationships

Larger projects, whole home renovations, and additions often require the expertise of our design partners and engineers to ensure a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and structurally-sound remodel. Our collaborative design relationships help uncover unique opportunities to maximize your home’s character and square footage, while introducing speciality services such as healthy construction practices.

Highly Vetted Trade Contractors

As a general contractor, our reputation is only as strong as the partners we bring to the team. Each subcontractor is chosen based on not only their workmanship, but their competitive pricing and dedication to customer service. You are going to see a fair amount of these folks, so our vetting process also looks at character and trust. They are the type of people we would let into our own homes, let scratch our dogs behind the ears, and let kneel down to say good morning to our kids when they get to the jobsite. That’s a COR value at work.

Industry-Leading Project Management Software

During any remodeling project, there are a million little details to manage. Knowing the value of timely communication as well as organization, our team uses one of the highest-rated remodeling softwares in the industry. The platform makes selections easy, helps coordinate schedules and timelines, allows us to share files and photos, as well as manage payments through a single, simple cloud-based or mobile app interface.

The Value of Professional Remodelers

When it comes to remodeling, we know many people take a DIY approach. While that may appear to save you money on the front end, at COR Improvements we know it can result in costly delays and surprises. From the proper workmanship, tools, and techniques to the security of permits and inspections, a professional remodeler doesn’t just renovate your space: they protect and enhance the value of your home now and for years to come!

2-year Warranty and Support

At COR Improvements, we stand by our work. If something isn’t right within the first two years, we’ll come back and fix it. And, take advantage of our complimentary 1-year assessment, where we return to your remodeled space, take a look at how you’re using it in everyday life, and make recommendations for ongoing maintenance to keep it feeling new longer. (Complete terms of warranty will be reviewed with you prior to contracting).

“Through excellent communication and exclusive craftsmanship, COR Improvements strives to build long-lasting relationships with each customer. We look forward to speaking with you about your project and making your dream become reality.”
-Maretes Hein, Owner

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