Why Skipping Permits and Licenses Could Be Bad for Your Budget

Contracting permitsSo you are considering a remodel and you want to “save” money by not going by the code? Well, I’m here, as a licensed General Contractor, to tell you why that is a terrible idea.  I often find myself at job sites cleaning up and fixing disastrous projects left by unlicensed workers or done without the proper permits. Take my advice, cutting corners and taking the cheaper route may save you right now, but it WILL come back to bite you and take a huge chunk of your finances because improper job site corrections are extremely costly.

Here are just a few common issues homeowners can encounter when work isn’t done properly:

  • Shower pan leaks when showers were simply given ‘facelifts’ rather than permitted and inspected. This often results in the entire shower needing to be removed and replaced, often revealing rotting, mold, or other issues caused by water damage.
  • Improper electrical wiring can cause a plethora of problems like low levels of power, blown breakers, and even house fires. Knowing electrical codes and doing the work to the necessary specifications is critical and difficult. Don’t risk it.
  • Going with less expensive, smaller retrofit windows is unsurprisingly common. What’s even more common is those windows not meeting fire codes of adequate escape routes in case of a fire.
  • Planning on selling your house down the road? Think twice if you renovated without permits and licenses because improperly completed work often results in violations, fines, and even requirements to tear work down to be redone before any sale of property or transfer of lien can take place.

When a contractor doesn’t work by the codes, everything they touched could become futile. From an improper foundation or drywall being hung incorrectly, non-permitted entryway, foundation or structure issues, even the roof, if it was just one tiny aspect of the build that was done incorrectly, it is all connected and could potentially lead to larger, much more serious problems.

Permits before & after

Here is a prime example of the importance of properly completed work. This is a project we are currently working to recover after fairly recent, un-permitted and improper renovations were completed leaving the homeowners with water leaks, faulty wiring, rot, and basement flooding which lead to the foundation needing to be corrected. What seemed like minor steps to save a few bucks ended up costing these homeowners a hefty amount.

Contracting permits before & after project

So, do your home and yourself a favor, remodel it properly the first time with licensed contractors and permits for the best results and the home you dreamed of.

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