Whole Home Remodeling in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, and Waukesha

Let’s say you love the neighborhood that you’ve lived in for a while, but your house just isn’t cutting it anymore. You don’t have to resign yourself to selling and moving out!

3 Common Scenarios When Whole Home Remodels Make Sense:

  1. Perhaps you are elderly but still want to live at home and needs ADA compliance either 1st floor or throughout. This can sometimes be the case when a parent moves back in with family members and now they need more space.
  2. Finding the right house in the right location can be very difficult. If you are set on you location (kids in the school district, close to friends and family etc.) then it maybe more beneficial to remodel and stay in their home much longer than to move. This is especially true in today's market of trying to find housing.
  3. Say you’re house hunting, and find a great property in an attractive location, but can’t stand the design of the house. There’s no reason why you can’t create the house of your dreams on that same lot!

A full house renovation requires more planning than a one-room remodel or addition. It will require a team of professionals including an architect, plumber, electrician, carpenter, etc. With the scope of this type of project, many homeowners find value in hiring a general contractor to oversee it all. Your GC should also be your expert when it comes to following codes, pulling permits, and managing inspections.

If you’re considering a remodel of this scale, be realistic about both budget and timeline. Sit down with your general contractor ahead of time to discuss wants versus needs. You’ll have many, many decisions to make over the course of the project – which can be overwhelming. Start a Pinterest board to collect your ideas and preferences in one place. You can share this with your general contractor, and then evaluate what’s most important based on your budget.

While a whole house remodel can be a long process, for the right homeowner, it’s the best investment they can make. With the right location, and the right design and amenities, home can truly be a sanctuary and a place of joy. It may allow you to stay in your house longer, and add value for when the time comes to sell.

We pride ourselves on our high level of communication throughout the remodeling process. One of our top priorities is to build a trusting relationship with our customers.

After the first year, we’ll come back at no charge to you to see how you’ve been using your space, and make recommendations for maintenance to help you keep the renovation looking and feeling new longer. (Complete terms of warranty will be reviewed with you prior to contracting).

If you’re considering a Whole Home Remodel in Milwaukee or around southeastern Wisconsin, fill out our Request a Quote Form to tell us more about your current space, and your vision for a new house. We’ll give you a call within one business day to discuss the details and see if COR Improvements might be a good fit for your project.

Interested in a Whole Home Remodel?

  • A whole home remodel might be the solution you’re looking for!
  • COR Improvements also offers a 2-year warranty (the State of Wisconsin only requires a 1-year guarantee).
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