Shorewood Basement Remodel Project

The Home

This home is tucked into a relaxed area of the city.  The husband and wife wanted to turn their basement into a better use for them and their two kids.  The wife wanted a mudroom directly off their exterior walkout door with ample space and storage for laundry.  The husband wanted a secondary office space, as well as a room for entertainment. They also wanted room for their kids to play.  With the basement being fully unfinished, it was the perfect home to build their perfect relaxation getaway!

We had to level part of the foundation, as well as replace some of the footings of the posts that were beginning to sink.

This design gave the clients everything they dreamed of. The mudroom with closet storage, lockers for the kids, and cabinets and countertop for assisting with laundry.  A large storage area was placed in a mechanic room next to a large, open rec room.  

We cleaned up the vents and reran some ducts to create a higher profile ceiling.  Recessed can lighting allowed for optimal head room in the basement.  The painted ceiling gauntlet to give a neutral, industrial look to the space.

COR installed lush, Sequoia Park textured carpet to be lighter on their kids feet when playing in the basement.  The carpet’s shading compliments the ceiling and makes the area feel more open. And a home theater system was installed inside the walls. 



With this being the main entrance from the garage, we painted the concrete floor. With two kids and a dog, this makes for easy clean up during the Wisconsin winters!

The concrete utility sink leaked and took up too much space.  We replaced it with a single tub sink, which makes laundry require less walking back and forth.  The countertop by the dryer makes folding much easier!

There is finally a place to put the kids’ sports gear, shoes, and jackets!


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