What Is Open Concept and Is It Right for Your Home?

Is open concept living right for your home?

What is open-concept? It revolves around the idea of having several large, open rooms within a single living space that function as individual rooms. For example, a living room and an eating area all identifiable and in a single living space without walls separating them from the others. There are many reasons why homeowners have opted out of closed concept design over the years and COR Improvements has compiled a list of them to help you decide if open-concept is the right plan for you.

Open Concept Living
Open Concept Living
  • Open Concept Encourages Sociable Living. With less separation, being social comes hand in hand with open concept. Big, open rooms allow for easy entertainment options as well as just spending more time in general with those you love.
  • You Can Always Have An Eye On Your Kiddos. While you’re busy in the kitchen or living room (as many parents are), an open concept can allow you to keep an eye on your kids while staying put. This is a benefit for a lot of families looking for a more functional space.
  • Better Views And More Natural Light. Without adding more windows and light fixtures, an open concept can add the illusion of more light due to the natural light being able to spread over several spaces and not just one closed off room. In addition, any gorgeous views you may have will be amplified and showcased more greatly and from more areas. Along with better light and views, many believe an open concept promotes outdoor activities by creating a connection between your residence and the outdoors.
  • Family Oriented. Open concept came from the idea of family gatherings. After years of living in boxed-off homes, families have gathered in single spaces to spend time together. From this, the idea of taking walls down to create a greater gathering space was created. Fewer walls just mean more memories.
Open Concept Living
Open Concept Living

Now, if you are still on the fence about a full open concept design, here are several options that meet somewhere in the middle:

1. Half and Half. This concept is the idea of creating an open concept space while keeping half-walls as a barrier from room to room. In addition to keeping a sense of separation, half-walls also provide extra storage opportunities.

2. Broken Plan. This concept means keeping the things you love about open-plan, while also letting your rooms retain an element of privacy and specific use. TV architect Charlie Luxton states “It’s all about interconnected space, not one big space, texture is the key word: steps, wide spaces, narrow spaces, different ceiling heights, different colors, different wall finishes.”

3. Breakout Zones. For privacy and relaxing, creating designated areas with more privacy and separations while keeping the main design open and congruent. This concept is widely used in open-concept office spaces to provide employees a place to go and recoup if needed.

Other ways to create more space in your home:

  • Half Walls
  • smart shelving
  • split levels
  • internal windows
  • Pocket/sliding doors

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