Home Additions

Sometimes, you think you’ve found the perfect house, only to realize later that you need a little more space. To avoid the hassle and stress of moving, a home addition is the answer you’ve been looking for. Whether you desire to build up, build out, or to create extra space like a garage, COR Improvements can help you accomplish the perfect solution.
Build Up

Add a floor, raise ceilings, create an attic, or build on top of a garage. These types of additions, called "Build ups", can add height, space, and character to your home. As homeowners, it is just as important to ensure you are keeping your home as healthy as you keep your family. A leaky roof, failing gutters, or gaping siding can lead to severe damage or safety issues, like mold. Rely on COR Improvements to help keep your home safe and healthy.

Build Out

Add a sunroom, expand your kitchen, build out an extra bedroom. "Build Out" residential additions are when you expand onto the sides of your home, such as pushing a wall out to create room for a breakfast nook or adding a mud room. This type of addition is ideal if you have the space to expand outwards and are looking to grow your main floor.

Add a Garage

Attached or separate, adding a garage can increase your square footage, improve storage options, and keep equipment and items out of harsh Wisconsin weather. If you are looking to never street park again, call us for more information about garage additions.

detached garage addition
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