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We hear it all the time, "Remodeling my kitchen was the best decision I've made for my family!" Your kitchen tends to be where people gather. Whether it's your family for dinner each night, or your friends coming over for a Packer game, the kitchen is where it's at.

Sometimes, the kitchen has outlived the life expectancy of the materials used to build it. If you’ve got peeling counter tops, warped cabinet doors, or cracked tiles, your kitchen isn't a very inspired place to cook or entertain. A kitchen remodel could significantly impact how you use your home. It might even be possible to save money in the long run, because you actually want to cook at home again!

This means that the money you put into your new space will increase your homes value when it comes time to sell. So, not only will you enjoy your space more today, but you’ll also get a larger return later.

Now, this is no small project. Even for a kitchen with less square footage, you’ve got to consider traffic patterns, appliance sizes, and the efficiency of the space. Do you need to take a wall out, or is re-configuring the existing space enough? What type of flooring, fixtures, cabinets and other finishes do you prefer? Is energy efficiency a goal, and will you take advantage of rebates available for making your home more efficient? Have you talked with an architect who can draw up the plans?

There are many ways that a general contractor goes beyond planning the project and ordering materials. Here at COR Improvements, we'll hire, and help you communicate with subcontractors, keeping your project on time. We also pride ourselves on following state and federal laws for your protection; we pull the appropriate permits and manage your inspections.

We also help with design in the case you are uncertain which colors or styles compliment each other. Furthermore we go can shopping and make recommendations on products, for example, durability versus price.

If anything isn't right once the project is completed, we'll fix it. We also suggest a complimentary 1-year assessment, where we take a good look at how you’re actually using the space. Then, we’ll offer suggestions for maintenance that will keep your kitchen feeling "new" longer. (Complete terms of warranty will be reviewed with you prior to contracting).

If you’re dreaming of a brand new kitchen in Milwaukee or around southeastern Wisconsin, fill out our Request a Quote Form today. We’ll give you a call within one business day, and together we’ll discover if working together makes sense.


Interested in a Kitchen Remodel?

  • On average, a kitchen renovation will bring a 90% return on investment!
  • Keeping track of all of these decisions is one great reason to hire a professional general contractor.
  • We’re so sure that you’ll be thrilled with your newly renovated kitchen, we offer a 2-year warranty!
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